Freshman Language

Greek writingDuring the Freshman Language Tutorial you'll study ancient Greek grammar, examine English grammar and reflect on general questions of how language works. You'll study the nature and function of parts of speech, phrases and clauses, and receive an introduction to Eastern languages by learning written and spoken Chinese. You'll end the year by translating substantial passages from Freshman Seminar readings, such as Sappho's poetry, Aristotle's On Interpretation, Plato's Cratylus and the New Testament. By the end of the freshman year you'll have new skills in Greek translation and improved writing skills overall. At least 5 papers are required during the course of the year, and students meet individually with their language tutor discuss problems in syntax, thought, organization, and style.

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Prep for First Day of Freshman Language Written by Alexis Doval Hits: 1680
Freshman Language Vocabulary Ch. 1 Written by Alexis Doval Hits: 1288
Freshman Language Vocabulary Ch. 2 Written by Alexis Doval Hits: 1066
Freshman Language Vocabulary Ch. 3 Written by Alexis Doval Hits: 1156
Freshman Language Vocabulary Ch. 4 Written by Alexis Doval Hits: 1087
Freshman Language Vocabulary Ch. 5 Written by Alexis Doval Hits: 1076