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The Integral Program - A Different Way to Learn

About The Integral Program

The Integral Program — part of the Saint Mary's College experience for over 50 years — uses questioning, conversation, and a classic liberal arts approach to engage students in a unique and profound educational experience. Our students discover the interconnected nature of a broad spectrum of fields, learning to think mathematically, scientifically, poetically and philosophically. You'll not only study ways of thinking, you'll explore the nature of thought itself. Each Integral class learns to converse on multiple levels, ask precise and incisive questions, and give intuitive, informed responses.

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Brother O. DeSales Perez Award for Tutor Julie Park

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The Collegiate Seminar Program is pleased to announce that Julie Park is the 24th awardee of the Brother O. DeSales Perez award for Excellence in Collegiate Seminar.


Please join our celebration: A seminar on a very short passage of Homer's Odyssey will be held in her honor Wednesday, October 2, 3 to 4 p.m. in the Founder's Dining Room,* followed by a reception in her honor.

Julie Park, PhD, is an instructor in the Integral and Seminar programs. She has served the program in numerous ways, including three years spent as a Visiting Liberal Arts Fellow. She planned the 75th Anniversary Celebration and the Commemorative Collection of Essays written for the conference sessions. She has organized periodic reading list reviews, regularly participated in or led faculty development events, led several Informal Curriculum events, and organized, led, and participated in faculty seminars in the style of Brother DeSales Perez. She has also produced three podcasts about Seminar texts. 

*The reading will be available soon in the Collegiate Seminar Office.

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