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Endowment Capital Campaign Is Growing!

BrRobert2Br. Robert Smith

Please keep giving to keep the Program strong for the next generation.


Great Books are still great at SMC . . . and thrive in Integral.

Saint Mary’s College President James Donahue recently called Integral a “signature program of the college,” and SMC has backed this by tenuring two new Integral tutors and promoting a third. Unsurpassed Great Books education in the Lasallian Catholic tradition continues.

KTomelloso Kristina Tomelloso, first recipient of an archonship award from the endowment, is a fourth-year student in the Program. She grew up in Dixon, a small town in northern California and graduated from Dixon High School. She is also in her fourth year playing Saint Mary's Women’s Rugby. An alumnus introduced her to the Program. After one week, she says, she had never felt so "at home" in an academic atmosphere. Her “archonship” project will have her assisting a tutor in editing for publication the work of late Professor John Albert Dragstedt, “Crafting Workable Tradition.” She is immensely grateful to the alumni and the Program for the opportunity “to keep conversation alive.” 

 From outside the College, a local charitable foundation, interested in the Great Books, has contributed $70,000 over the last two years exclusively to support Integral students . . . and then there is our tutor, colleague, and Christian Brother Martin Yribarren, who donated $116,000 to start an endowment in the name of Integral co-founder, Br. Sixtus Robert Smith, F.S.C. Other tutors, colleagues, Christian Brothers, and all Integral Alumni Council Board members have made their commitments, more than doubling this endowment.

THANKS to all. We received more than a half million in gifts and pledges.

And NOW we have until Dec 31 to match an additional gift of $25,000. Every dollar given or pledged up to $25 K before the end of the year will be matched by Tutor Ted Tsukahara and his wife Vikki. That is generosity!

Transeat in exemplum

What are you waiting for?

This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity. Join us. 



At this moment, a great Program is becoming even better (and, with your philanthropic support, much better off):

  • Thirty-two freshmen entered in the Fall of 2017, the largest entering class in years.
  • Sophomores now have the opportunity for a semester abroad in Rome.
  • The O’Donnell Family endowed scholarship is close to reaching $100K.
  • In less than one year we have raised more endowment assets available for student support than the Program raised in its previous 59-year history.  


Annually, 5% of the Br. Sixtus Robert Smith endowment will be used where the Program has the most need. For the foreseeable future it will recruit new students through the “Talk Back to Socrates” summer institute and external outreach to potential students and college counselors, and retain continuing students by helping to bridge fixed financial aid and rising college costs through temporary work called “archonships.”

We are Integral alumni, joining other alumni to encourage future Integral alumni. As we once joined together in conversation, let us join together again to keep the conversation going for another generation.

To donate by mail, please print out and complete this pledge form and contribute at a level appropriate to your financial situation. No contribution is too small and more importantly, the percentage of contributing alumni says as much as the dollar amount secured.

To donate online please go to http://www.stmarys-ca.edu/give 

1. The first option below the header image is a link is for "Make a Gift Now"
2. Then select "I want to view additional options" and select "Br. Sixtus Robert Smith Endowment"
3. In the "specify area" box, you can put this code:  54.0047

For more information, the Memorandum of Agreement for the Br. Sixtus Robert Smith endowment, a statement of Saint Mary’s endowment policy, or the Integral Program’s foreseeable uses of the endowment, please contact:

Ernest Pierucci (’72) at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (415) 602-5948
Chad Kreutzinger (’98) at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you haven’t already done so, explore this website for what’s going on in the Program and profiles of new tutors, or check out YouTube for videos on the Integral Program. The College also has a Program website here

From the bottom of our Symposium-loving hearts, thank you. 


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“What is most essential to a genuine work of education
is an association of teachers who are united by a common tradition and who together are striving to develop
and preserve it. It is through such a tradition
that they are linked to the alumni and the
current generation of students.”
-Br. Sixtus Robert Smith, F.S.C.